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Bilge Çiçekçiler

Bilge Çiçekçiler was born in İstanbul at 1985.


She is graduated from Galatasaray University Communication Faculty Cinema&Television module in 2010. She did her masters in Toulouse at L’ESAV on esthetic audiovisual.


After studies are finished she decided to learn how to make jewelry.


She started with traditional techniques. At the same time, she started to work at her home-studio workshop. She took lessons from different artists and started to experience different materials, as metals like silver, gold, brass, bronze, wood-like ebony, organic materials like shells.


After all these experiences, she has learned to work with wax. Wax modeling has opened a new world to her. Then she decided to have a studio out of home and as a jewelry designer, Bilge Çiçekçiler, has founded Aphorm in 2014 and since then she runs this concept store & atelier in Galata.

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