Derya Çiçekçiler

Derya Çiçekçiler was born in İstanbul at 1989.

She is graduated from Culinary Arts Academy at 2009 and worked as a patisserie chef for a while. Then she interested in chocolate and worked three years in a chocolate atelier. 

After, she went to Yıldız Technical University, Faculty of Combined Arts and graduated at 2017. 

At school she experienced different materials, techniques and thoughts of art.

She liked to work with recyled materials... She did different kinds of work like paper sculptures, melting wax sculptures, ceramic sculptures, sound instalations, press paintings... in these years at the same time with school she decided to work with her sister at Aphorm.

Now at Aphorm Atelier she is doing  ceramics (tableware and sculptures), paper sculptures, sculptural jewelry, illustrations and leather goods.

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